Immigration Reform And The Immigration Boom Essay

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As I was walking down market street near twin peaks, I saw this funny looking man. He had raggedy clothes, long white beard and he seems to be lost. When I approached him, I asked him “sir, are you ok?” he responded. “I don’t know what happened, yesterday I was having a drink fell to sleep and today I have this beard and everything looks different. “He asked, “where am I?’ I responded, “you are in san Francisco in the limits of Castro and Mission Districts. Why you ask? RIP responded “people looks different, the men and women wear different clothes.” This does not look like my old town. No, it does not, I responded. Since you went to sleep, we had what you could call an immigration boom. Now in your old town we have people from many parts of the world. What you see here is the result of immigration reforms, which helps boost the economy, create diversity, and cause cultural enrichment.” RIP if I may call you RIP let me tell you about what immigration is, better yet, let me tell you about immigrants. At the time you were living in your farm, and your prolonged nap several things had happened. For instance, there was a war between the North States and the South States. The war was the result of different beliefs, you may not be aware, but in the South people just to own slaves. Most of them came from the same region in Africa. So, the South wanted to preserved this practice but the North did not agree so this lead to a war. “what do you mean there was a war? RIP replied. What

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