Immigration Reform : Illegal Immigration

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Introduction Back in 2007 there were several concerns over immigration as a whole and exploding proportions of illegal immigrants crossing the border in the Arizona area. Arizona attempted to resolve the influx of people across the border by imposing heavy fines on employers hiring illegal immigrants. At that time in Arizona there was a democratic governor Janet Napolitano that continually vetoed the Arizona’s legislature attempt to reduce illegal immigration. In 2009 the state replaced the Democratic governor with a Republican governor Jan Brewer who was supportive of reforms for immigration in Arizona. In 2010 the immigration problem was so sever that Arizona passed legislation allowing the state to enforce federal law for identification of legal immigration into the United States. This sparked a nation wide discussion on illegal immigration and immigration reform. The problem with immigration is that the federal government has failed to control immigrants coming into the U.S. illegally. This has caused a substantial increase in illegal immigration that threatens the U.S. economy. There continues to be uncertainty on how to approach the legalized immigration into the U.S. The federal government has attempted since 1975 to enact laws that resolve the issue but the laws continue to fall short of fixing the problem. One of the democratic approaches to solve the problem is to give all illegal immigrants citizenship unless they are not in good standings within
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