Immigration Reform Of The United States

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“Pelosi said, "It is more important to pass comprehensive immigration reform, to me and to my caucus, than to win the election in November” (Foley, 2014). That was what Joe Garcia was trying to accomplish with his policy H.R. 15. The policy did not improve the sponsor’s chances of being reelected because his ideas in the spectrum were more towards the liberal side than the conservative. As Florida being a red state, a Republican candidate won the election. It came down to what party the candidates were from since being liberal and conservative, I would say did not play a role in the election. What is interesting is that both Joe Garcia and Carlos Curbelo are pro-immigration reform and they believe that there should be a path way for undocumented immigrants to become citizens of the United States. Republican House of Representative Carlos Curbelo will most likely support bill H.R. 15 or sponsor a similar bill. The Democratic Party is for immigration bills that benefit the undocumented immigrants in this country and with Carlos Curbelo being from the Republican Party, it means he might be able to compromise with his party to make a decision regarding bill H.R. 15. The Democratic Party supports an immigration reform that will eventually create a path way to citizenship, as President Obama mentioned on his speech “We will extend the promise of citizenship to those still struggling for freedom. Today’s immigration laws do not reflect our values or serve our security, and we
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