Immigration Reform Of The United States

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In 1986, the United States enacted The Immigration Reform and Control Act which made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants. This is by far the biggest reform made in recent history. Immigration reform is simply making changes to a country’s immigration policies for the better. It has been a huge and controversial topic since 1986 and even more so when President Obama proposed a reform himself in 2009. According to Obama, this reform would improve border enforcement, be stricter on visa overstays, not allow people to work without a permit, create a committee to set the number of visas allowed for the changing economy, create a program to help illegal immigrants acquire a legal status, and programs to help immigrants to adjust to life in the United States. Nothing like this was ever happened regarding this reform but five years later Obama went on to defer the 1986 act and granted about 45% of illegal immigrants to stay and work legally through his use of executive action in 2014. This was deemed unconstitutional and the case is pending for the Supreme Court to review. Illegal immigration is a he problem facing the United States today. The current laws regarding illegal immigration are rather confusing in nature; there’s a law that prevents illegal immigrants from working in the United States, and yet there’s an act that allows illegal immigrants that arrived before the age of 15 to apply for a work permit. And to add to the confusion, Obama used executive action to
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