Immigration Reform Persuasive Essay

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Immigration Reform: A call to action. The evening news is ripe with controversial legislation, policy and debate from the lawmakers of the United States. Some of the most interesting headlines in recent history discuss the huge battles on labor laws in Wisconsin and Iowa, the anticipation of a Republican front runner for the upcoming Presidential elections, and discussion of our nation’s ability to understand and predict future happenings in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Any of these topics could spark a heated conversation in any coffee house or roadside diner in this country but perhaps there is no issue which stays on the forefront, which riles testy tempers, and which needs to be discussed so much as this country’s policies on…show more content…
This has created a chaotic environment that cannot serve to bring about uniform and comprehensive change (Campbell. 2010. Pp. 415-416.). The delay in reform or uniform enforcement has tremendously impacted the Latino community. One doesn’t even need to understand Spanish and needs only to watch a few minutes of the network newscast Primer Impacto on Univision to see the hectic fear the Latino community in this country faces. The program offers numerous stories of Latinos fearing deportation, or unable to obtain new visas, or in fear of losing family, friends and jobs due to changes in enforcement and new legislation. Many are fleeing back to countries where drug cartels are literally at war with governments and where there is no opportunity for education or success. Some may argue that this is helpful to the nation’s immigration problems but if we continue watching the same newscast we see stories of drug trafficking, murders, and violence. It seems quite logical that those who flee are the shop owners, the laborers, and so many others who simply want the opportunity to earn an honest wage and improve their life while the cartels, gangs, and violence continues to spill over the borders. Unfortunately it is not the criminals who are being run out, it is the honest people who truly
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