Immigration Reform : The United States

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Immigration Reforms Amongst the many problems the United States face the one most Americans tend to focus on is the immigration “issue” they believe the country is going through. The way I see it immigration has played an important role in American history. Immigration has held a major role in shaping our country. Immigrants have provided many things such as customs, manufacturing, inventions, and entertainment. Many people today don 't realize how greatly we have been affected by immigration. Before the era of rapid communications and transportation, America encouraged relatively open immigration to settle its empty lands. Over many years, the policies have changed and become more difficult for immigrants and their families. Too often do…show more content…
But the main point or question that is failed to be asked in this subject is, does illegal immigration deserve the massive amount of attention it receives? In my opinion I don‘t really think it does. There are many other issues that require our attention than immigration. By looking at the respected immigrants of the past and thinking about the issues in a clear and objective way, it becomes apparent that illegal immigration or legal immigration, for that matter is not as vital issue as many consider it to be. Most of the immigrants that come to this country are given the blames of many of the problems this county has. Most Americans believe that the issues with the economy, healthcare and unemployment are all the handy works of the illegal immigrants that come here. But in contrary of what Americans believe, immigrants are not to be blamed for the issues of the country. Actually according to New Study Declares Immigration to be a plus, it states that "Immigration benefits the American economy and has little negative effect on the income and job opportunities of most native-born U.S. citizens." When you look at shops or restaurants, for example in California, Texas, or New York, who do you notice that 's running most of those shops and restaurants? Immigrants, whether they 're Mexican, Asian, or Natives. Some illegal immigrant should be considered essential to local businesses and even for individuals.
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