Immigration Reform and Illegal Immigrants Essay

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Today in the United States, illegal immigrants has become a subject that has left many people upset and angry of the view on deportation. Unfortunately at the cost of personal relationships and attachments with friends and family. Yet in 1947,Helbert Leyman hit the topic of immigration right on the head by saying,“ We are a nation of immigrants. It is immigrants who brought to this land the skills of their hands and brains to make of it a beacon of opportunity and hope for all men (Messener,et al, 127).” Immigrants hands built this country of ours, what it is today. Fast Forward sixty-six years to the present, and these words by Herbert Lehman still ring true today. Our government should closely regulate the flow of immigrants into the…show more content…
citizen, when in fact it is the complete opposite. While in comparison, they actually offer a variety of skilled sets. Whereas some Americans are too proud to work at a demeaning job or a labored extensive place of employment. For example, the construction business is on the rise without enough workers to give a much-needed service. Yet some americans don't have the skill to do such jobs in construction. Although this irrational thought of job heist are untrue, when in comparison some Americans would refuse to work at underpaid or minimum wage job. Instead they would rather not but rather stay home compared to work at and meat factory plant or fast food restaurant. The second misconception of an illegal alien is that they sponging off the government systems, yet statistically speaking that is untrue. There are programs such as E-verify social security number usage to decide if an immigrant is using a fake social security number and more ways to decide who they are such as backgrounds checks and fingerprinting. Unfortunately, deportation and detainment is the real reason our country is going bankrupt. Yet how is mass deportation of the undocumented an effective solution to solving our government debt issues? For starters, did you know the estimated cost by the Immigration Deportation office to arrest, detain, and deport are about 12,500! This figure rises very quickly if they detainment in an
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