Immigration Restrictions And Exclusion Of Citizenship Essay

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Immigration restrictions and exclusion of citizenship to the US is a major practice into the United States of American. For a long time now, these restrictions and exclusions have been a tool to uphold and protect the American culture and ensure security to the American citizens (Johnson, 1998). However, these legislations have many racial and discrimination effects to the citizens of some countries like the African and Asian countries. These effects seem to be insignificant to the US economy but in the long run, may taint the image of the United States as being a discriminative and racist nation. The effects and contribution of these laws to Asian American racism and discrimination therefore, must be well understood to enable the US government to amend or enact new indiscriminative laws. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to bring out the effects of immigration restrictions and exclusion of citizenship to Asian American on racism. In the 19th century, there was a great influx of Chinese citizens into the United States to work in the goldmine, agricultural plantations, and in different factories. The Chinese population grew significantly in the US, and this brought resulted to pressure among the non-Chinese workers (Blumenfield, 2013). There were also claims that there were a lot of illegal acts taking place in Chinatowns like prostitution, illegal gambling and drug abuse. This was followed by formulation of a series of laws by different states to restrict the
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