Immigration Scams Essay

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Very often, people who are seeking help for immigration problems think that they don’t need the help of an immigration attorney in Dallas TX area. The sad fact is that there any number of scammers willing to prey on those who don’t understand the necessity for qualified legal help in immigration matters and who claim that they can provide help easily and for a seemingly low price. If you are looking for help with an immigration question or problem, these are some of the more common immigration scams you may encounter: 1 - Immigration Attorney Dallas TX: Telephone Scams Scammers may contact you by phone, pretending to be officials of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You must be especially cautious of these types of…show more content…
The names of the websites may sound official, but the real USCIS website,, does not charge for forms and information. Additionally, you must never enter personal information, especially social security numbers or other identifying numbers, on these scam websites 3 - Immigration Attorney In Dallas TX Area: Neighborhood Business Scams In neighborhoods with a large immigrant population, there are often local businesses that claim to specialize in expediting immigration paperwork - for a fee. There is no fast route for processing immigration applications; applications submitted directly to the USCIS by the applicant or his attorney will be processed at the same speed as those submitted for a fee by a neighborhood scammer. 4 - Immigration Attorney Dallas TX: Visa Lottery Scams The Department of State makes 50,000 diversity visas (DVs) available once a year in a type of visa “lottery” to a random selection of applicants meeting strict eligibility requirements. It is a common practice for scammers to take advantage of this time of year by sending emails to people claiming that they have “won” the visa lottery and that to claim their visas, they must supply a form of payment to the scammer. If you receive one of these emails, you should know that the State Department never contacts DV recipients by
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