Immigration Should Not Be A Controversial Topic

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United States of America was founded on immigration. The very foundation of the current modern country was founded by a group of European settlers searching freedom from a controlling monarch. Since the 1400’s the America’s have been a destination for European explorers seeking a new place rich with resources. They have been traveling long and hard voyages to capitalize on the American continent and its promise of opportunity and riches. But in recent years the lineal descendents of the immigrants feel that they have the right to restrict the immigration abilities of others. Forgetting that they would be in a different place or be a very different person. Immigration has become a political hot topic. Immigration should not be a controversial topic due to almost all of American families descending from immigrants, America itself being founded upon immigration, and unless you are of 100% Native American descent, your family would not be in America unless they immigrated. The Americans continent have always been a fascination of the explorers of the globe. The first recorded European expedition to land on the Americas was led by a Nordic explorer named Thorvald Asvaldsson. Thorvald Asvaldsson was the grandfather of Leif Erikson, another famous Nordic explorer. Thorvald was the first recorded European explorer to set foot on any portion of the Americas. He was exiled from Norway and all other Viking settlements for manslaughter. When Leif’s father was a small boy, their
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