Immigration Stereotypes : The Secret Side Of Empty

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Immigration Stereotypes in The Secret Side of Empty Immigration, since its beginning, has caused a spur in stances as to whether or not it has really benefited the United States. Those who were arrive first to the country are often the ones to judge incoming waves of new immigrants, and question everything about them. Knowledge of someone’s past, education, circumstances, or anything possibly influential to reason of the departure of the country origin is irrelevant. For some, if an individual arrived to the American shores illegally through any means necessary, for a better opportunity or other, does not deserve to be here. The term ‘illegal alien’ is synonymous with the word ‘immigrant’ because foreigners who live in this country do not belong, and are terrorizing the way of life here. The stereotypes that have risen about immigrants have escalated, yet many only see the stereotype and refuse to see it as actual issues faced by living breathing humans who struggle daily to survive. Not only do stereotypes underestimate immigrants, but also the stress and the fact that there are people who live in constant fear that everything done at this point was futile. Andreu, author of The Secret Side of Empty challenges immigration stereotypes by putting a face to each belief to display the harsh reality of the struggles faced by millions today.
People fear the unknown, therefore, illegal immigrant’s criminals who come into the country only to bring crime. As eloquently possible,

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