Immigration : The Gold Paved Road

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1. Gold Paved Road- The gold paved road in our container is a symbol for the theme immigration. The gold paved road is symbolic of the immigrant’s beliefs of a better and more luxurious country that they would be able to make a life in compared to their home countries, much like the luxurious nature of a gold paved road. Immigration relates to the theme of industrialization because of the horrible factory conditions that were endured for low pay because of an immigrant’s need for money in America. 2. Religious Cross- The religious cross in our container is a symbol for the theme of expansion. The religious cross is symbolic of the faith that both the explorers and settlers had to have ingrained in their minds in order to discover and develop the American west, much like how a cross is used to profess faith to God. Expansion relates to the historical impact of Native American discrimination because of the newly discovered (westward expansion) land that was claimed by settlers and originally settled upon by Native Americans, creating tension between the Native Americans and the white settlers. 3. Human Anatomy Diagram- The human anatomy diagram in our container is a symbol for the theme of revolution. The human anatomy diagram is symbolic of the importance of the early American colonies coming together to work towards the ultimate goal of independence, much like how the different parts of the human body have a purpose in the ultimate function of living in the human body.
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