Immigration, The Land Of Opportunity For People

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Over hundreds of years, immigration has shaped America into who she is today. July 4, 1776, was the day immigrants first stepped onto North American soil and claimed the land as theirs. The impact of migration on a country this big can’t be ignored, especially because the people coming to live in America are usually from Third World countries and are looking for employment and to be shown a better way a life. Like anything else, there are both huge pros and cons to Third World immigration. Once, America was known as the land of opportunity for people anywhere in the world, however, Patrick Buchannan worries that America is allowing too many immigrants at a time which is preventing them to be assimilated properly into a culture. He fears…show more content…
citizens. Rather than trying to adapt to our way of life, they’ve created their own way of life on Americas land. Laws have been changed in order to make the immigrants more comfortable in our society because they do not assimilate well. Mexicans are threatening our name and status as a country. Although in the past, Mexican shave serve in Americas wars next to American men, Now, Mexicans show hate towards Americans with hate crimes. In California, there is an abundance of Mexican aliens. Mario Obledo, president of the “League of United Latin American Citizens”, claims that California is going to be run by Mexicans and that if anyone doesn’t agree with it should move away. Buchannan uses this example to show how Mexicans show ignorance towards the American citizens, once Mexicans go past the border into our lands they immediately try to dominate our culture. Ben Wattenberg on the other hand disagrees, he believes that Mexicans and other Third World immigrants are actually likely to assimilate into our country. It is thought by many leading thinkers that we are now in a period of time that will alter history; a culture clash. It is predicted by 2050, America will be mostly nonwhite. In California, white people are considered the minority race. America is becoming a nation that represents all cultures. There are cities who believe having more immigrants will swamp America and its culture. Wattenberg disagrees, he supports his decision by mentioning that in a
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