Immigration : The United States Essay

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America has been a point for immigration since the beginning of time. Although very similar, immigration from the 1900’s to now is drastically different because there were and still are many opportunities to immigrate. From 1900 to about 1996, immigrating to America was relatively easy. From 1996 to today’s time, immigrating into America is much more difficult. Due to the long process of becoming legal, many more immigrants choose to stay illegal.
Beginning in the early 1900’s, immigration proved to be quite difficult in the time being, however, today’s immigration system proves to be much more difficult. In the 1900’s there were means to come into America such as Ellis Island on the east coast and Angel Island on the west coast. There may have been difficult obstacles to become a legal United States citizen. Such obstacles include paying for a green card or getting a job or paying for housing. These obstacles which also exist in today’s world are much more difficult to access. There was no such thing as a green card until the 1920’s, which even then only cost a mere nickel. Without the need to worry for paying for and maintain a green card or work visa, which can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars to five hundred now, it was much easier for people to immigrate into America. In the early 1900’s, the Mexican Revolution took place, “’The resulting chaos drove thousands of Mexicans north. Beyond physical proximity, the United States offered jobs — in industry, in mines, on
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