Immigration To America Smith Analysis

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Immigrants from America, Europe, and people we now call Canadians came to British Columbia with expectations of each being given many different opportunities’s to gain wealth one. The Mining industry for gold and the vast amounts usable farming land was some of the opportunities advertised. Many of these people immigrated to Canada because they were given promises of a better life and refuge from their home countries in times of economic uncertainty. People in these foreign countries were made aware of everything Canada supposedly had to offer through channels such as governmental advertising, news reports of gold that would be easily attainable and large amounts of available farming land. However, the Information given to immigrants neglected…show more content…
Gardiner ”To the Editor of The Islander.” Both men warned people about the difficulties and struggles ones must endure simply going to British Columbia…show more content…
He first explains to The daily globe editor that he should not assume that he has “taken a dislike to the country because [he] am not making money.” That the “dislike is general all over the country” (346). He explains how just as it is historically written, the “country is not what is was represent to be” there is “no farming land in British Columbia –except a very small portion” that is not allowed to be sold to anyone until the “Col. Moody friends come –and get what they want”. Where he lives there is “nothing to support” any structure, the mines are “falling off fast”, there is small to little pay in the mines. A person could only make about 2-4 dollars a day. But before a person could gain more money, they would spend all their days’ earnings on food alone. Many people he met that had come from the better part of the mines had “no shoes on their feet –pieces of shirts and trowers” (347). Many had nothing to eat for weeks. He explains how he possibly (compared to others he talked about, is a lucky one. He explains (unlike others who he met) all he been making here was the amount he could get food with. And those who are able to do this are doing well. Many people, including himself “go home to [their] shanty at night, tired and wet”. He explains that there are some very scare spots that have gold, the miners who actually do
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