Immigration: Undocumented Immigrants

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Inherency: The current state of immigration policy in the United States is characterized by a reliance on surveillance technologies to track and deport undocumented immigrants. The federal government has been spending vast amounts of money on surveillance programs that lack any oversight or accountability. [Kalyan 2014] Federal expenditures on border and immigration control have grown fifteen - fold since 1986. These initiatives have yielded a staggering increase in the number of non citizens formally removed from the United States. Much less widely noted, however, has been that immigration control has rapidly become an information - centered and technology - driven enterprise. Both non citizens and U.S. citizens are now subject to collection …show more content…

Immigrants demand an enormous amount of real estate. immigrants pay a lot to landowners, who are american citizens. Those landlords and homeowners then see the value of real estate- one of the biggest drivers of long term wealth. Let me give you an example: In 2006, Arizona passed 2 laws that forced businesses to target undocumented immigrants. As a result, around 200,000 of them left the state, and took their purchasing power with them. The jobs they left behind remained unfilled along with their vacated apartments and houses. In the years after that, the home index for Phoenix declined by 51.29%! the housing bust was exacerbated in phoenix by forcing 200,000 consumers of real estate out of the region. Those are just some of the things that could happen if we continue to use surveillance for deportation in the ways that we have been …show more content…

As even the Obama administration recently acknowledged, foreigners immigrants have a right to privacy too, and not all foreigners immigrants are criminals, as some Americans believe. Using surveillance in itself destroys basic human right #12, that states everybody has a right to privacy, let alone against innocent people who just want a new, better life for themselves and their children in the land of the free; The united states, a country built on immigration itself! [] Our deportation programs are inneffective because the primary targets of deportation are innocent indaviduals, with no criminal record, who have already lived in the United States for years. [Ewing 2014] Most of the immigrants now being deported are long-term legal permanent residents of the United States. Many have strong ties to the US, such as family members (especially children), not to mention jobs and homes. Families containing a member who is undocumented live in constant fear of separation, especially children. Moreover, the federal government's policy of mass deportation overburdens our immigration courts as thousands attempt to get in the United States each year. [Costa 2014] The immigration court system is severely underfunded and there are too few judges. Tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children fleeing from central america and arriving at the southwest border will

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