Immigration Vs Legal Immigration

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In the past 10-15 years, the world has become more globalized with a higher degree of relevance. As people have been moving since time began, the economy continues to improve when the local economy is strong enough to accommodate the new influx of people and dropping when it is weaker. In each U.S. presidential election, there are several key problems. One of the most debated issues for candidates is immigration. This issue always points the illegal immigration, it is totally different from legal immigration, in terms of their goals, the effects on the country and their values.
Firstly, illegal immigrants and legal immigrants can be treated as two sides of a same coin. According to Roy (1996), the level of illegal immigration is increased with the level of legal immigration at the same time. Similarly, when the level of legal immigration declines, the level of illegal immigrants will also be reduced. The reason for this phenomenon can be interpreted as that both the illegal immigrants and the legal immigrants chose immigrants for the same reason. For example, people want to evade persecution based on race, religion, nationality or nationality, or holding different political views. Therefore, the purpose of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are the same to some extent. However, the two methods of immigrations are completely different. Mostly illegal immigrants enter the United States through smuggling, referring to "immigrants" who non-citizens illegally cross the
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