Immigration : What Effect Does It Really Have On Society?

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Immigration: What effect does it really have on society? Immigration is a common topic among people today as it is controversial in its entirety. Speculation of whether immigration is beneficial or detrimental to the United States is commonly debated based on little to no evidence. The border of the United States should be closed to the increasing number of immigrants attempting to gain entry into the country as they negatively affect the nation and the lives of other Americans because they are uneducated, they take American jobs, cost the country and taxpayers more money, and can be criminals. Through history, mass immigration has continually had negative effects on societies. This was very apparent in Rome at the time that they had much of the world’s power and thrived. People from all different places wanted to get into Rome because of the great circumstances in the empire. Rome opened its border to numerous barbarian groups to come in and settle, letting groups of ten-thousand, twenty-thousand, and even thirty-thousand in at a time. Soon, Rome lost control of their borders and the influx became overwhelming and the great Roman empire fell (2). In the current day, the United States is doing something similar that caused the downfall of Rome. The type of policy used by the U.S. government (welcoming and helping immigrants) is acting as a magnet to continue the process of mass immigration into the country (25). The U.S. is currently taking in about 11 million immigrants
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