Essay on Immigration and Birthright Citizenship

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Immigration and Birthright Citizenship

Many people feel the issue on immigration and birthright citizenship may have become a touchy subject. Some people argue that the undocumented citizens or illegal immigrants steal jobs away from rightful US citizens. Also people say that the undocumented citizens want to have a baby in the United States of America with the assumption they will grant US citizenship to them as a family. In certain states the police were allowed to stop anyone that they felt to not hold US citizenship just by looking at them. With this thinking different ethnic groups have been looked down on and even discriminated against. Some people just see the color of the person and form an opinion against a certain group
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If the situation were turned around the feeling of confusion and alienation would hurt so much to think about how a person thinks what we look like, and possibly become scared of what someone could do if they found out that the person is undocumented.
Arizona made it tougher for undocumented citizen by making a federal law called the Arizona Senate Bill 1070. “The controversial bill gives Arizona law enforcement the authority to stop people whom officers have "reasonable suspicion" of being in the country illegally, detain these individuals while verifying immigration status, and arrest undocumented immigrants for transfer to ICE custody.” (McFadyen) The article also states “The bill, also known as the "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act" also makes it a crime to be in the state illegally and to provide transportation to someone you know is undocumented.” (McFadyen) With that said, it seems to me, it gives the police in Arizona authority to stop anyone they feel like. It also touches on the subject of racial profiling and discrimination just by the way a person looks making it ok to stop them. Furthermore, by making this bill it says that it is ok to look at someone and judge them for what they look like.
Another argument that some people argue is that undocumented immigrants steal jobs away from rightful American citizens, making it harder for people to find a job. But at the same time the
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