Immigration and Emigration

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Running head: The Definition of Immigration, Emigration, and Brain Drain. 1

The Definition of Immigration, Emigration, and Brain Drain in Terms of being Beneficial and Counter-productive to many first world countries

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December 11, 2012

The Definition of Immigration, Emigration, Brain Drain. 2

Immigration, Emigration, and Brain Drain are three topics that all go hand in hand when it comes having slight similarities and different viewpoints as to whether they are all beneficial to the country they currently reside or if they are a nuisance to many of the native citizens. Immigrants travel far and wide to a new
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Getting new workers can really help a country expand its economy, especially if it is a country whose natives are aging. One downside of immigration is that it can dilute a country’s cultural identity. This, for example, is why Japan is strongly opposed to immigration even though it really needs new workers as its population ages and declines rapid. “Too much” immigration can make it so that the immigrants’ culture changes the native culture more than the natives are willing to have happen.

Definition of Emigration and its Advantages and Disadvantages Emigration is the act of permanently leaving one's country or region to settle in another. To be able to do this one must usually be financially great to be able to move to another country or have a great set of skills, technically or linguistic and also possess a great set of knowledge as well. A few great advantages to emigrating is for Financial Stability, “people who emigrate may do so for financial reasons. One reason to emigrate may be to avoid inflation with higher costs, and the country they are leaving may not be providing adequate pay. The economy in the country where the person decides to immigrate to may offer better chances for job advancement, higher pay rates and more employment opportunities. Others may leave their country of origin for financial reasons alone. Often those who find jobs are able to send money back to their families.” (Romualdez). Another is for
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