Immigration into the US Essay

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All members of the current population of the United States are either immigrants or their descendants, concerns with immigrants and immigration policies have confronted the nation throughout history. This is due mostly because the nation promotes freedom and democracy. There are also unlimited economic opportunities to improve the material circumstances of peoples’ lives. While foreigners are coming into this country, the political view and public surroundings are changing drastically looking harmful for American culture and society. David Cole a law professor views immigration as a positive affect on America. Immigrants generate an excess in tax revenue and are creators of jobs within the economy. He views assimilation in the form of …show more content…
Immigrants do not drain on society’s resources but rather benefit the economy because they generate more taxes. Anti-immigrant believers suggest that we might save money and lessen the reasoning to immigrate illegally if we denied undocumented aliens public services. Except for education for children and benefits related to health and safety, which are basic cares to people in need undocumented aliens receive no social services. If we were to deny them of these basic needs it would probably cost more in the long run. The aliens refuse to assimilate, and are depriving us of our cultural and political unity. American culture has been created and revised by children of immigrants that are Chinese, Italian, Greek, and even Latin Americans which have become in our country presidents, senators and representatives. Our society exerts pressure to conform, and cultural independence rarely survives a generation. This is untrue and unlawful justification for limiting immigration in a society. It is inhuman to for noncitizen immigrants to not be entitled to constitutional rights. In the Bill of Rights it gives protection to all people no just to citizens.

Peter Brimelow believes that immigration is bad for America. The U.S. government policy is dissolving the people and electing a new one. The American immigration policy has always been democratic because it
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