Immigration of Vietnamese People to Australia

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‘Push factors’
The immigration of Vietnamese people to Australia has been occurring for over 40 years in this period of time the reason for migration has changed with the times, but predominantly began with the conflict between North and South Vietnam. With the end of WW2 in 1945, many counties and regions had been greatly affected, including the Pacific, Asia and Europe. The rise of communism, beginning in Russia, and slowly spreading to China was soon adopted by the Northern portion of Vietnam. After declaring independence in 1954, Vietnam divided into North and South Vietnam. Only a few years later the North spread their power and overtook the South, of which resulted in the whole country being ruled by communism.
The nation’s economic growth and expansion was deeply affected under a conservative leadership, causing many to become poor and restricted opportunities to become wealthy. Those who were considered intellectual were often persecuted, restricting many professionals and successful business men from expanding, further reducing the countries hopes of improving its economic situation. This low economic period lead to starvation, where families could barely afford food and found themselves living under poor living conditions. Desperate to find a better life and escape the communist regime, early refugees fled Vietnam in small overcrowded boats with little food, water or directions, and in some cases just a school atlas. These boats travelled to Australia after
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