Immorality Of The Pagan Gods And Goddesses Essay

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Gundry (2012 p. 62) writes, “Every conceivable kind of immorality was attributed to the pagan gods and goddesses. Prostitution by both men and women was a well-recognized institution.” He then goes on to describe on page 62 that “Much entertainment reflected the immorality of society and fed on bloodlust in the gladiatorial games.” Virtuous emperors were the exception, not the rule, and could not prevent the progress of moral decay. Honestly nothing in that day and age could heal the wounds of the depraved and deteriorating culture or even give transient relief. The only star of hope was the young, fresh, bold religion of Jesus, which was destined to commend itself more and more to all contemplating minds as the only living religion of the present and the future. While the world was continually distressed by wars, revolutions, public calamities, systems of philosophy, dynasties rising and passing away, the new religion, in spite of fearful opposition from without and danger from within, was silently and steadily progressing with the overpowering force of truth, and worked itself gradually into the core of the human race.
At this time, I would like a moment to explain why the Johannine literature is important to a student of the New Testament. First I would like to make note that the Johannine literature consists of John’s gospel, the epistles of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, and Revelation. Together they tell scholars some important facts about early second century
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