Essay on Immorality of Assassinating Political Leaders

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More than thirty-five political leaders have been assassinated since 1825. The assassin and the political leader had different beliefs and ways they thought the government should have been run. It is thought by some, that assassination is the wrong choice to make when it comes to differences in beliefs. There are many reasons why people have different thoughts and actions on controversial subjects. Many people believe that killing is the wrong choice to make because it goes against our legal system, and it leads to social and political chaos. Lastly, killing is never justified based on religious beliefs. First, one of the reasons many people believe that assassination is wrong, because it goes against our legal system. Abraham Lincoln…show more content…
Our thirty-fifth president was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. His reasoning of taking John F. Kennedy’s life was because of Communism. The next event also went down in assassination history, two days later Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby as he was heading to the courts.
“Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated by an Indian who resented his program of tolerance for all creeds and religions” (“Gandhi”). Mohandas Gandhi, a free spirit leader, in the 1900s helped India to be free from the British. He was a discriminated Indian who claimed his life to be treated as a British. During his campaigns he had been arrested many times, went on fasts, and was nonviolent in passing on his religious beliefs. While being in prison for several years, he believed he was there for a good cause.
Another reason why assassination is wrong is it could lead to social and political chaos. As an African American minister, Martin Luther King Jr. caused great turmoil in the United States. The immediate shock, grief, and anger throughout the African American community. “A few months later, the Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which prohibited racial discrimination in the South and rental of most housing in the nation” (Garrow). MLK led several protesters from Selma to Montgomery that caused a riot to be broken up by police officers on a nationwide television news. Another political leader that caused social and political chaos is Mohandas Gandhi. Mohandas
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