Immorality of the Death Penalty, A Speech

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1. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Thou shall not kill, only one of the ten commandments that some individuals unfortunately can not seem to uphold. What would the world look like if we did not have an “eye for an eye” mentality? The debate about whether or not capital punishment is ethical or immoral is significant because our country is spending unnecessary amounts on death penalty executions, in which citizens do not know enough about the subject matter to disagree or protest its use. While tax payers are paying for this procedure, the death penalty poses many moral insurrections. B. Introduce Topic: Since you all have been informed about the gruesomeness of the death penalty, I am going to emphasize its immorality and unfairness to the world. C. Ethos/Credibility: Unlike those who describe capital punishment as unethical, through research I have found plenty of arguments supporting my claim that the death penalty is an immoral method of serving justice. D. Preview of the speech: I will discuss religious principles, particularly from the Bible that will hopefully persuade my audience that the death penalty is indeed immoral. Immorality and unethical-ism is not just limited to what it is in the Holy Bible, but it can also include fairness. III. Body Paragraph #1 A. Topic Sentence - When the state takes the life of a human being for a crime they committed, its accepted, but what we do not realize is we are placing society and the government on the same level of
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