Immortality And Resurrection: The Dichotomy Between Thought and Physicality.

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In religion the concept of life after death is discussed in great detail. In monotheistic religions, in particular the Christian theology, death is a place where the soul, the eternal spirit that is part of you, transcends or descends to depending on if you go to heaven or hell. The argument calls for a form of immortality of the soul and a lack of immortality of the body—the soul lives forever, the body perishes. John Hick in his excerpt from “Immortality and Resurrection” refutes the ideology that the spirit and body are dichotomous, one being everlasting and the other limited. In his view on the immortality of the human psyche, he claims that the spirit and body are connected; they are not too distinct entities. With this proclamation…show more content…
3) Finally, John Smith dies and an exact replica of him appears in a different world than the one he originated from, a resurrection world inhabited by only resurrection people. Hick claims that in this situation the resurrected body (spiritual) would then have the same characteristics as the physical body (earthly).
He then makes an aside to potential detractors of resurrection of the immortal of psychophysical person by giving an authority driven reason for God’s purpose in resurrecting humans. For God to allow humans to cease to exist rather and allow them to have their divine purpose unfulfilled would contradict God’s eternal love for his creatures. Hick then turns his attention to the realm of parapsychology, the psychological evaluation of paranormal activities, in hopes it will shed light on the possibility of life after death. He divides them into two realms; one that does not specifically mention or proffer life after death and another that is tied innately with existence after death. In his analysis of the first realm he pays particular attention the phenomenon of telepathy. In his research, he has discovered that telepathy has some unknown quality that allows others to bridge the gap between our minds, on a primordial level; for Hick, “Telepathy is simply a name for this unknown positive factor.” Telepathy in his analysis, has shown to be

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