Immortality: Life and Super Human Force

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I do not believe a viable immortality can exist. I think the question of immortality is ultimately and inevitably intertwined with the concepts and beliefs of any and all religion. To believe an immortality would be possible we must believe that something is responsible for providing us with this immortality beyond the livings control, or many people would have drank from the eternal fountain of youth by now. I believe that if the human race was, and had always been, unaware of the idea of a super human force responsible for life that the concept of immortality would have never arose. Granted that was inevitable with the evolving brain and social systems of early humans, beginning to wonder and come up with explanations for events in life…show more content…
Throughout eternity the never ending search for a release from this absurdity and self-awareness would torture the immortal.
A compromise between mortality and immortality is not very viable in my opinion. How would such a condition exist in that one can simply be invincible and immortal throughout an existence but, in a sense, flick a switch and turn off the immortality shield. The "switch" theory would imply that we, living beings, hold the power to not only BE immortal, but also CONTROL immortality.
The most powerful objection to my opinion that immortality can not exist relates back to Richard Taylor's account of the possibility of an "implant" or, in other words, a loss of self-awareness and ignorant of life's absurdity. I compare the life of animals on Earth to what an acceptable immortality would liken itself. This condition must be met for immortality to be tolerable for eternity.
The fear of death is more a fear of uncertainty for what happens next. As most Americans, as well as people of the world, have been filled with the ideas of an afterlife or immortality as an answer to comfort the fears of uncertainty that surrounds being dead. The fear of the uncertainty of being dead intrudes upon clear rationalization of the topic of immortality.
Gilgamesh would describe the immortality he wants for Enkidu and himself as an unaware being as Enkidu was once before being lulled by the prostitute. The life
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