Immortals-Personal Narrative

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Night is still in the breakfast nook, but she looks up from her paperback novel as I approach. Without taking her eyes off me, she places a bookmark in between the pages and sets the book on the table.
“Need something?” she asks.
Her voice is soft and pleasant. She doesn’t sound at all disturbed by my interruption. I have a nagging feeling the argument she had with Ice earlier involved me, but it’s still a relief.
“Something to eat, maybe,” I say.
She studies me for a moment before nodding. I follow her into the kitchen and stand around awkwardly nearby.
She has never been anything other than kind to me since we were introduced properly and said herself that she thinks we’ll get along, but I can’t tell whether she actually likes me. It bothers
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She smiles, appearing hesitant. “It went right over my head when you first said it, but immortals also have unique abilities. It’s stuff humans would only think of as fiction. That’s pretty superhuman as well.”
“Unique abilities,” I echo curiously.
The way Ice could change clothing while switching between his cat-form and human-form comes to mind, but I may as well listen to what Night has to say first.
“Immortals are born with one or more unique abilities. These can range from mental abilities like telepathy and omniscience to physical abilities and skills that are enhanced even for an immortal. There are even elemental abilities – like being able to control fire or water. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different abilities that an immortal can be born with. Some are genetic and run in the family, while others are random happenchance. I’ve even read studies that try to rate the rarity of certain abilities.”
She seems excited to talk about it. With how interested she is in the abilities, I’m surprised she didn’t think to mention this early on in the conversation. Even more surprised than I am to find out the range of abilities immortals can
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“I’m a psychic. I sometimes see things coming before they happen in reality. Usually in dreams, but I can have visions while I’m awake too.”
“That’s so cool!” I eat a bit more before continuing on. “I already know that Ice can change clothes when he transforms, but does he have any other abilities?”
Her face falls slightly upon hearing my question. She glances out the window.
“I’m not certain,” she admits. “I know he has something besides that little parlor trick, but he never told me what it is.”
“But you’re siblings?” I ask.
“Ice has his secrets,” she says coolly. “Though, I am surprised he never told you that he’s adopted.”
“No.” That’s news to me! “But it does explain a lot.”
Like how he looks nothing like the rest of his family, for one.
“I’m sure it does,” she says dryly.
She collects my empty plate and loads it into the dishwasher. While I sit and watch, I wonder if the issue of the Secrecy Agreement is the reason why Ice never explained any of this stuff to me before. Immortals aren’t close to just being shape-shifters. They’re magical, superhuman beings too, but he neglected to mention any of that
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