Immunization Information Connection

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Whether you are a parent, provider, or school the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection or MIIC is a system that safeguards the patient’s electronic immunization records ensuring that the proper vaccine is given at the appropriate time. It was an extra convenience transferring immunization record for my daughter when I was signing her up for pre-school. The school participates in the MIIC and I had to provide them with was a written authorization to look up and print her records.
The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection registry uses the client, immunization administration, and immunization codes for electronic data exchange. Vaccine codes accepted by the MIIC registry for electronic data exchange include vaccine trade
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FERPA now requires parent or guardians authorization in order for the immunization data to be shared. The MIIC complies with FERPA or the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act by requiring schools to have a parent or guardian consent to share this immunization information. HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 governs the use and disclosure of health information. Immunization registries are not governed by HIPAA. I found this interesting as it was recognized that the countries public health authorities and state laws mandate or allow the sharing of immunization data. “Covered Entities may disclose protected health information to registries without having to provide the opportunity for individuals to agree or object. Registries in turn, because they are not governed by HIPAA, can re-disclose immunization information based on their state laws ("Disclosure to Public Health Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule - Minnesota Dept. of Health,"…show more content…
The Medical Records Institute or MRI published there set of “essential principles of healthcare documentation” which regards patient confidentiality, secure authentication and accountability in high regards. By using the code in all aspects of the immunization process, applying the specified EHR immunization data transports and through the MIIC information regarding when a immunization is due, dosage, and completed it completes the policies established within MRI. MIIC requires the use of XML, which is the principal messaging standard in health care because it defines what the data enclosed in the tags
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