Immunizations Is Better Than A Cure

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Immunizations Vaccines started in modern times. Prevention is better than a cure. I could not find better words to describe the controversy surrounding the effectiveness and safety of childhood immunizations. The main argument is whether or not laws should be implemented on mandatory vaccination for children and adults. Given that most vaccines are administered for purposes of prevention rather than treatment, vaccines are often given to healthy individuals. There are many requirements for vaccinations to be administered to newborns, infants, children, and adults for purposes of protection as the people enter into society and social situations. Many states and schools require vaccination for entry into school to protect the community as the benefits of the vaccinations outweigh the risks (Griffin, 2009). Vaccinating our children ensures their safety and their future to come.
Most parent’s major concerns would be the health and safety of their children. Some parents believe that vaccines were to prevent the spread of dangerous transmittable diseases, also are under the impression that vaccines present high risk factors for their children. Vaccination’s allow provide protection to children and adults against many varieties of disease, and when kids are vaccinated in the earlier stage immunity is created. This form of immunity protects the population from the risks of a virus spread, as the virus cannot be spread though vaccinated people. Not only does it protect the…

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