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Sage Wentzell-Brehme Problem Statement In this problem I am looking at strategies for a game called What’s on Back? This game has 3 cards. One card has an X on both sides, one card has an O on both sides, and one has an O on one side and a X on the other. On your turn you choose one of the cards at random from a bag. You hold it up with one side facing you. You are not allowed to look at the other side or the other cards. You have to predict whether it is an O or an X on the other side of the card. My task is to look at a bunch of different strategies for playing and find the probability of success for each one. For each strategy I look at I have to find the probability using both an experimental and theoretical model. My…show more content…
Always choose the opposite of the card you chose. So if it is an O choose X, if it is a X choose O. b. 30 trials 26.yes 2. yes 3. no 28.yes 4. no 14.yes 24.yes 29.yes 10.yes 15.yes P (right) – 7/30 or .23 Success rate = .23 c. (XX) – doesn’t work (XX) – doesn’t work (XO) – works – 1/6 (OX) – works – 1/6 (OO) – doesn’t work (OO) – doesn’t work total successful 2/6 or .33 Success rate = .33 Strategy # 4 a. Always choose X no matter what. b. 30 trials 6.yes 11.yes 26.yes 2. yes 12.yes 17.yes 22.yes 3. no 8.yes 18.yes 4.yes 14.yes 24.yes 29.yes 10.yes P(right) – 14/30 or .46 Success rate = .46 c. (XX)- works – 1/6 (XX) – works – 1/6 (OX) – works – 1/6 (XO) – doesn’t work (OO) – doesn’t work (OO) – doesn’t work total successful – 3/6 or .5 Success rate =

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