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Cookies Portfolio The main goal of the Cookies unit was to solve the Unit Problem. The unit problem introduced us to the Woos, the owners of a cookie bakery. The Woos want to find the most profitable combination of plain and iced cookies to bake and sell in their store. We were given several constraints for this problem. According to the Woo’s recipes, a dozen normal cookies requires one pound of cookie dough, and a dozen iced cookies requires .7 pounds of cookie dough. The Woo family only has 110 pounds of cookie dough in stock, which will affect the number of cookies that can be made. The iced cookies also need icing, obviously. A dozen of iced cookies required .4 pounds of icing and the Woos only have 32 pounds of icing in stock.…show more content…
The diagram below shows the feasible region of the intersection of two lines. This means that any point within the feasible region satisfies all constraints that we established before graphing. Feasible regions make it easier for us to determine the maximum profit and now we know all the possible combinations it’s important to know what point on the graph is going to be the most profitable.
We can find the maximum profit in a feasible region by drawing profit lines and expanding them until we reach the outer most corner of the graph. An important thing to remember is that the maximum profit of an item will always be in the corners of the feasible region. Once we create a profit equation, we continue to move the profit line up until it has reached the farthest region to the right. That is where your maximum profit is located on the graph. To find the exact point you can use systems of equations on the two equations of the two intersecting lines (which is talked about in Homework 23 and 26). Now with this point we can plug the point into the profit equation and find the total profit.

I found the solution to the Woo’s problem by using the tools I mentioned above. I converted the problems constraints into inequalities and from there I was able to put all of them onto a graph and find the feasible region. Then from the prices given in the problem I was able to make my first profit line, and was able to find out the

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