Impact And Issues With Volunteering Role

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Impact and issues with volunteering role There was a noticeable impact on the patients form both my personal observations as well as the comments of the nursing staff in charge. Patients looked forward to the visits from both me and my fellow volunteers and were on the whole extremely grateful for the services we provided. The nursing staff also had their burden eased as they could leave the non-medical parts of the patient care to us so they had more focus on the patient’s medical care. I was often thanked by the nursing staff so I believe that there was a positive impact. I also observed many of the patients that I interacted with regaining their health and eventually being discharged as they become fit to live independently again and although the majority of this should attributed to medical intervention I believe a small amount of this can be attributed to the volunteers who helped maintain the mental and overall wellbeing of the patients. However, the impact from my volunteering is unlikely to be sustained outside of the hospital setting as the nature of the volunteering I did meant that I helped those who were acutely unwell and staying in hospital. Once they had been discharged and regained their usual functionality in day to day activities my interaction with them was at an end. I was able to build a strong relationship with a few of the patients though and it is my hope that some of those patients will remember me even when they are back to their normal lives, which
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