Impact Of Advertising On Advertiser 's Advertising Essay

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Advertising has many different forms of writing in its field. There are three major characteristics that impact advertiser’s advertising methods. First, some advertiser’s might say a big impact would be getting the advertiser’s customer’s product to the companies target market. The second one might be how to inform the audience of the product and what media vehicles to use to make sure the target gets the advertisement. The third one is creating the final advertisement. In these three tasks advertisers have to write and reach their customers target audience with the new or improved product, to write to the media vehicle the advertising company wants to use to reach a market, and to write the advertisement itself. Overall, advertisers and advertising companies help firms or companies get a product to an audience. In one part of an ad agency a group of employees are working on finding the target market, the people who will invest in the product. Then there is a group of people that work on talking to the company about what the company wants the ad agency to get across. There are also people who make the advertisement and people who pick the media vehicle to reach the audience. Media vehicle examples are: television networks or channels, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and internet. Once all of their factors are decided the ad agency puts them all together to make a cohesive advertisement that is cost affective and will reach majority of the target market. Advertisers

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