Impact Of Advertising On Female Identity Formation

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Impacts of Advertising upon Female Identity Formation What does it mean to be beautiful? For the advertising industry, the standard of being beautiful is perfection. American culture is highly concerned with beauty. From magazine to television advertisements, women are bombarded with images of perfection—perfect figure, perfect hair, and perfect skin. Moreover, advertisements sell products that would help improve women’s appearance. The problem with these advertisements is the subjectivity of beauty as a whole. Every individual has his or her own preference and perspective on what it means to be beautiful, but for advertisements beauty is obtaining perfection. One of the most controversial issues in today’s society is the impact of advertising on women. Advertisements are accessible to a wide variety of consumers and impact women’s perception of themselves. With the over representation of ideal female beauty in advertisements, women are inclined to alter their looks online for a positive portrayal of self. Advertisement negatively impacts women in various ways, first, it creates an unrealistic standard of female beauty, second, it increases appearance dissatisfaction, and third, it puts pressure on women to look good. Through advertisements influence on female beauty, women are influenced to digitally manipulate their appearances online. Advertisements are capable of persuading people into a particular view—such as setting standards of female beauty. Advertising is a
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