Impact Of Advertising On The Uk

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Introduction Advertising is the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services. It is many things, for some people it is a job, for others it is a nuisance and for many it is a necessity. Throughout the years advertising has been forced to change greatly to keep up with the many different trends in our past and present, and it will continue to change as new trends come into the future. There are now many more ways to advertise products other than just on the Television, you can now advertise through online videos and on demand players, but this wasn’t always the case. Past Early adverts were rather different from those people are familiar with today. They are much longer than today 's adverts, and their message was spelt out with agonising slowness, this reflected the pace of television at the time (A short history of British television advertising). The first advertisement in the UK was on the 22nd of September 1955 it was an advert for Gibbs S.R Toothpaste and it ran on ITV. This was a huge thing to happen in broadcasting and it meant that ITV had monopoly on the other channels, and because of this on the same evening the BBC had their first character killed off on one of their long running radio soaps called “The Archers” this was to keep up with the competition and it meant they stole the next day’s newspaper headlines. After this advert there began a huge debate about advertising and a labour MP said it was “disgraceful because
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