Impact Of Antiwar Protests Movements During The Vietnam War

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Discuss the nature and impact of antiwar protest movements in the United States during the Vietnam War. The antiwar protest movements that took place throughout the Vietnam War were one of the most divisive and tumultuous internal forces during twentieth century U.S. history. The divisive nature of the antiwar protest movements becomes multiplied, because instead of a social conflict where there are two dichotomised “camps”, (those who are pro-war and those who are antiwar,) we are instead presented with antiwar sentiment which is largely segmented, and not a “unified” movement. The antiwar movements comprised of a number of independent groups, such as the Students for a Democratic Society, the War Resisters League, and the Committee for Nonviolent Direct Action. These groups all had varying motives, ideologies and tactics associated with their method of antiwar protest and resistance to the Vietnam War, making it impossible to give sufficient detail to all the separate movements in this paper. The myriad of movements were often only vaguely allied and for the most part, united only in their opposition to America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. For the majority of this essay however, I intend to focus on the youth cultures movements, as many key events of protest took place on campuses, or were predominantly orchestrated by the American youth. Because there was such a broad range of movements, catering to different individuals, perspectives and ideologies, this allowed the
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