Impact Of Atlantic Crossing Immigrants On U.s. Education

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Impact of Atlantic Crossing Immigrants on U.S. Education
From the 19th century to present many immigrants have come to the United States seeking a better life. These immigrants have had a profound impact on the United States. The school system was especially affected by these immigrants and was faced with the difficulty of integrating the influx of immigrants into the educational system. The effects of integrating these immigrants such as the Irish, German and Italian immigrants has had a profound and far reaching impact on education, even up to the present day. Their experiences in coming to the United States helped us to develop private Catholic schools and establish kindergarten classrooms,
In the early 19th century many Irish people immigrated to the United States. There were several reasons why Irish people came to live in America. During the American Industrial Revolution, many immigrants from all over, including Ireland, came to The New World to find new opportunities. There were also great religious opportunities from the largely Roman Catholic influence in Irish culture to the various Protestant religions here. All was well and good as Americans and immigrants worked together to expand the railroad and canals in the New England States, primarily New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York (Irish American Journey). In 1819, 43 percent of immigrants to America were Irish (Immigration). In Ireland at the time, most people were farmers and lived off potato crops for
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