Impact Of Biodiversity On The Environment

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Furthermore, it is a proven fact that biodiversity changes influence “the flow of ecosystem services”, i.e. benefits that people receive from ecosystems, including such services as provisioning, cultural, and regulating ones (Perrings 1). The most acute group of services in terms of biodiversity connection with the environment concerns regulating services, which relate to control of biological variability, presence of pathogens and pests, emergence and mitigation of environmental hazards, as well as many other essential environmental processes (Perrings 1). Hence, it is obvious that if biodiversity significantly alters, the environment will be susceptible to a wide range of various impacts. Moreover, all of them will be of negative character. Diminishing biodiversity, for instance, means that the process of climate regulation performed by ecosystems and their correlation will be threatened and disrupted. As a result, it will intensify problems with the biodiversity and lead to further extinction of many species.
Nonetheless, researchers agree that it is difficult to predict exact impacts of biodiversity loss on the environment and the combined effect of the biodiversity loss, degradation of the environment, and climate change. The latter three phenomena may intensify impacts of each other and lead to more severe and abundant problems relating to each of them. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to address the existing problems today so that the future of mankind
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