Impact Of Biodiversity On The Extinction Of Plant And Animal Species

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Review of Literature
The rapid increase in the extinction rate of plant and animal species has proven to be a massive issue regarding biodiversity loss.
Anil Markandya, from the Basque center for Climate Change and author of The Economic Feedbacks of Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services says,
Globally, terrestrial biodiversity is projected to decrease by a further 10% by 2050. As with biodiversity, the planet has also experienced major losses in the services derived from ecosystems. During the last century, for example, the planet has lost 50% of its wetlands, 40% of its forests and 35% of its mangroves. Around 60% of global ecosystem services have been degraded in just 50 years.
This loss of Biodiversity is a phenomenon that has currently been under scrutiny. Markandya states “The topic of biodiversity loss has been the subject of a vast and growing scientific and economic literature. Species are estimated to be going extinct at rates 100 to 1000 times faster than in geological times.” Malcolm McCallum, author of Vertebrate Biodiversity Losses Point to a Sixth Mass Extinction brings the grim figures to light,
The human race faces many global to local challenges in the near future. Among these are massive biodiversity losses. The 2012 IUCN/SSC Red List reported evaluations of ~56 % of all vertebrates. This included 97 % of amphibians, mammals, birds, cartilaginous fishes, and hagfishes. It also contained evaluations of ~50 % of lampreys, ~38 % of

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