Impact Of Brand Image On Consumer Behaviour

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IMPACT OF BRAND IMAGE ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR A case study of ISC, London INDEX Chapter 1 1.1 Abstract 1.2 Introduction 1.3 Aim 1.4 Background study 1.5 Research Objective 1.6 Research Questions 1.7 Limitation to study Chapter 2 2.1 Literature review Chapter 3 3.1 Research Method 3.2 Data collection 3.3 Sample of the study and their profile Chapter 4 4.1 Research analysis and findings Chapter 5 5.1 Conclusion and recomendation Appendix Chapter 1 ABSTRACT With emergence of globalisation, competition in market is not limited to the product itself, but as been more linked with brand which create a special persona for its users in form of brand image. The core motive of this research is to find and analyse…show more content…
Brand image has developed the propensity among consumers regarding brand preference and brand loyalty, which are becoming the deciding factor of consumer buying decisions. Furthermore, Companies with the help of advertisement, promotional events, research and development, and using popular faces as their brand ambassadors are targeting to create their brand image which directly stimulates the buying decision of customers. AIM The aim of the study is to evaluate how brand image plays a decisive role in shaping the mind-set of students, which ultimately guide their buying behaviour. The research is relevant in order to understand buyers prospective to go for branded products. BACKGROUND Since its foundation dating back in 1950s, the concept of brand image has become the crucial factor which decides the buying behaviour of consumers. Further with the emergence of fashion industry and globalisation brands have travelled across the countries border , companies are constantly working in providing good quality of goods and services in order to build a strong brand image which will guarantee them the consumer confidence and hence results in profit maximisation. So it is necessary to examine the ways in which consumers are influence by brand image which guides their buying behaviour. In this research, influence of brand image will be analysed in accordance with the
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