Impact Of British Colonization Of India

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To what extent did the British colonization influenced India through colonization?
Throughout history, many countries were colonized by stronger forces. India is no different; it was colonized by the British during the mid 18th century until the 20th centuries, which is the combination of the eras, also known as the “British rule in Burma”and “British Raj.” Often, it is arguable whether colonization had an influence in forming a societal or cultural aspects of the country that is being occupied. Specifically, the British colonization of India shaped and had an impact on the culture, education and government rule in India. The first area where the British influenced India’s lifestyle is religion. The British rule has had a huge impact on religion in India since the
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No matter what the purpose of converting non-Christian Indians to Christianity is, what is important is the fact that there are Indian Christians today. This shows the fact that the British colonization of India had an impact on lifestyle of India. Secondly, eliminating old customs was an effect of the British in India. The cultural gap between the Britain and India was the biggest obstacle the British had encountered because it aggravated the progress of political reform in India. The British could neither understand nor accept the autonomy of the native Indians due to the racial differences. For example, the British endeavored to get rid of Indian customs, such as "suttee," which is committing a murder by burning a widow, and "thuggee," which sacrificed a human life for the purpose of comforting God (FactsOnFile). These timeworn fashions led many innocent Indian people to their death. Although the customs still exist today in some parts of India even with the British attempt of abolishing them with force, the percentage of the Indian population who were victimized drastically decreased. Lastly, the transportation in India was the area that was impacted by Britain the
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