Impact Of Central Ohio Technical And The Nation

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The graduation rates for community colleges are shockingly low. This is an issue that impacts Central Ohio Technical and the nation. The question is, what can be done about the costs of attending a community college in order to increase the graduation rates? An increase in the costs of tuition and fees, a significantly longer length of time that is spent in order to obtain a degree, and the inability to afford the gap in cost between financial aid and school costs, are all issues that pertain to the costs associated with attending a community college and their effects on the graduation rates of those schools. This paper will present these three issues along with a proposed solution to each one in more detail and present the best solution to this problem.
The increased costs of tuition and fees are making it more difficult for individuals to attend college, and they are being forced to drop out, having a major impact on graduation rates. Data stated that was stated in FACT SHEET on the President’s Plan to Make College More Affordable: A , Better Bargain for the Middle Class (2015), “The average tuition at a public four-year college has increased by more than 250 percent over the past three decades, while incomes for typical families grew by only 16 percent” (“Fact Sheet”, 2015). This is causing major stress and becoming a burden on the finances of the student and their families. In order to attend college, a large percentage of students will have borrow money because of…
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