Impact Of Climate Change On The Environment

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Introduction: Climate change is an issue that is currently threatening the entire world, it is occurring as a result of human activity intensifying the greenhouse effect and concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, resulting in negative changes to the global climate (Lohmann, 2002). Tourism is particularly vulnerable to the direct and indirect impacts of climate change as the climate influences the appeal, attractiveness and suitability of a destination (Rutty & Scott, 2014). Moore (2010) states that the impact of the climate can be physical, physiological and psychological, and it also threatens economic, environmental and social sustainability (Moreno & Becken, 2009). Coastal tourism is the largest component of the global tourism industry with hundreds of millions of people visiting coasts and participating in marine activities (Moreno & Becken, 2009). More than 60% of Europeans choose beach holidays and 80% of US tourism revenue is generated by beach tourism (IPCC, 2014). Coastal tourism is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and faces more serious challenges than inland operations (Hyman, 2014). The following report will discuss the potential impacts climate change will have on beach resorts; including extreme weather and global temperature rise, sea level rise and coastal erosion, coral bleaching, an increase in natural disasters AND MORE. Rising Sea Levels & Coastal Erosion: Rising sea levels as a result of the widespread melting of
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