Impact Of Commerce And Commerce On The Atlantic World

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In this paper I argue how Commodities and Commerce had an impact on the Atlantic World. From the development of the early Atlantic World, or how commerce and commodities impact the relationships between diverse groups of people. Or how they impacted relationships between people and geographic space in the early Atlantic World. Commodities is a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought or sold. Commodities played an huge impact on the development of the Atlantic world, it helped largely shape European commercial aggression.Commodities actively brought people together in the Atlantic World. With the goods actively involved through commodities that's where commerce came involved. Since commodities was such a high demand in the Atlantic world that's when trading came involved. The intersection of southern Europeans quest for commodities and the labor to help produce them brought about the annexation of Atlantic islands and generated trade South along the African coast. This process was mainly for slaves and other commodities. A mainly priced good that was used for commodities was gold which help finance enterprises. (The Roots of an Atlantic system” Egerton 43) Gold had its own value which created more wealth because it help bring in more goods. From Commodities and Commerce the different dynamics of expansion before 1492, both commercial and imperial in Europe, Africa, and America shaped how people encountered one another in the Atlantic World.
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