Impact Of Computer In Medicine And Medicine

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Computers and Medicine

Technology is vital to society in today’s age and it affects almost every single thing that goes on in a person’s daily life. I believe technology has spread to nearly every field, even if it is a minor use of it.

Transportation, conversation, banking, and even working places have some sort of technology with it now. But what is going to be discussed in this Wiki is the impact that technology and computers have made with medicine and healthcare.

The creation of technology changed the way healthcare is being received, and even organized. The introduction of electronic medical records, to finding cures that humans thought would not be possible, healthcare has changed right in front of everyone’s eyes. Let’s discuss what exactly a computer is and how technology is changing in the field of healthcare and medicine.

What is a computer?

According to, a computer is a programmable device that reads data, performs calculations, and outputs the results of the data.

How are computers used by doctors to deal with medical efforts?

In today’s age, computers help patients and the hospital communicate together for reasons, such as booking appointments at home or in office, sending medical prescriptions to pharmacy, or just in house communication between doctors and nurses. The introduction of electronic medical records has allowed doctors and nurses to get rid of paper work and have all electronic documents for easier access and storage. Many
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