Impact Of Convenience On Consumer Behavior

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Impact of convenience in the mind of consumers in making purchase decisions in Australia
There have been drastic changes in the Australian retailing landscape. Though Coles and Woolworths are still the largest retailers, others like Aldi have made its way in increasing its market share. At the same time, local convenience stores still continue to function throughout Australia. It indeed comes to one’s mind as to what are the factors that are contributing to such consumer behaviour; whether it is some special skills of the local convenience stores or whether the prices offered are better (which seems like a less possible scenario) or is it just the convenience of the stores being located nearby which makes such model operational even in the wake of intense competition between the majors and addition of online capacity by new entrants. Given the circumstances, a research based on identifying existing small scale operations and finding what prompts consumers to purchase from such stores will indeed give some insight regarding whether convenience plays any important role in purchasing decisions of consumers in Australia.
Research Aim
The aim of the research is to identify the causes of consumer behaviour in making purchase decisions from local convenience stores and whether such decisions are related to any forms of convenience or is it due to other factors.
Research Objectives
The objectives of the research are as below:
1. To study current status of convenience…
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