Impact Of Csr On Organizational Trust And Brand Authenticity

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Impact of CSR on Organizational Trust and Brand Authenticity and their behavioral outcomes on Firms
The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in sustainable business is inevitable throughout the world. This study aims to investigate long-term relationships between stakeholders and socially responsible companies, reasoning the effect of organizational Trust and Brand Authenticity on such relationships. Trust is a fundamental asset in every business and non-business relationship. Increasing awareness for Brand authenticity in society is the most important challenges in Branding. As consumers are more aware of the environmental and social implications of their day-to-day consumption intentions, the companies have to be
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Trust is one of the most important components in the business to have a long term relationship and similarly Brand authenticity is also an important factor to be considered for the sustainable development in business. This study will focus on the effect of CSR and on Trust and Brand Authenticity and their behavioral outcomes on Employees, Customers and Investors.

Literature Review
The term corporate social performance was first coined by Sethi (1975) and his three level model of CSR are 'social obligation (a response to legal and market constraints); social responsibility(Congruent with societal norms); and social responsiveness (adaptive, anticipatory and preventive) (Cochran, 2007).The conceptual theoretical framework of CSR was developed by (Archie B Carroll 1991), and the four dimensions of CSR pyramid are economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropy .In a pyramid a corporation has four types of responsibilities, where the foundation is the economic responsibility to be profitable. The second is the legal responsibility to obey the law set forth by society. The third ethical responsibility is closely linked to the second. The fourth is philanthropic responsibility are the resources contributed by corporations’’. The implementation tool of CSR are the “activities undertaken by a corporation to support
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