Impact Of Curricular Activities On Employment Opportunities

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THE IMPACT OF EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ON THE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES OF GRADUATES INTRODUCTION The literature review highlights key attributes based around labour and graduate market, how graduates adopt into the business environment, through the use of extra curriculum activities. Additionally, examining how the marketing sector has changed over the last 5 years in comparison to the recession. LABOUR MARKET The Office of National Statistics (ONS) (Oct 2015) shows how the labour market has recognized the interaction among workers and employees; additionally employers are looking to hire the best candidates who compete for the best job satisfaction. The current employment rate is at 73.6%, which indicates employers are considering recruiting candidates who have set skills and experience that were essential for the current position upheld. The evidence indicates that the government as created schemes, for instance, encouraging and incentivizing young people to interact with employers who can inspire and recruit them by offering more high quality apprenticeships and work placements, (, 2015). On the other hand, the unemployment rate of 5.4% has occurred as a result people not having the key skills for the current job requirement and the number claimants for jobseekers allowance [JSA] in June had increased by 7,000-804,200, (BBC News, 2015). (Palmer of ONS statistician and chief economist at the BCC, 2015), has agreed with the ONS and have stated that over
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