Impact Of Deforestation On The Amazon Rainforest Of Brazil, South America, Impact The Environment?

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Evaluation Research Summary The question researched was “How does deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, South America, impact the environment?” The topic of deforestation in the Amazon was chosen as there is much concern about the problem and for the future of the Earth. There were different research processes used to discover new information about the problems in the Amazon rainforest such as, an interview with a person who currently lives in Brazil, annotating books, journals, internet research and surveys. These helped me find reliable, credible information and helped me decide when information found was not true. The research was presented as a scientific report. This allowed the findings to be presented. The outcome helped…show more content…
After spending a few hours reading webpages and finding numerous sources, reliable information about deforestation in the Amazon was found. The World Wildlife Fund had very reliable information as there were sources and statistics which could support their statements (World Wildlife fund, 2015). The organisation is very credible as they always publish true information with supporting sources. At times it was difficult to find exact information so narrowing the search made it easier to find information which I was looking for. Webpages are not the best for research but there were a few webpages which were useful when they had sources to support the statements. The next research process chosen was a skype interview with a man who currently lives in Pina, Brazil (Phillips, M, August 2015). This was an extremely useful source as it was firsthand accounts of what is currently happening in the Amazon rainforest. The man told me new information such as laws and politics in which I had currently not learnt about and after the interview I discovered sources which supported what he was telling me. Doing a skype conference was hard because he lived in a different time zone but it was one of the best research processes used. Even though he is not an expert, what he told me during the interview was accurate and reliable because it was supported by
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